I think it’s worth sharing things that can help others better their lives, particularly when we can attest to the benefits of those things ourselves. For those interested in furthering their education or their career, some free online learning tools you might be interested in:

Also, there is a lot of quality information and coursework available for free through the following (many of the courses are from places like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, etc):

Also, here are 24 invaluable skills to learn for free online, via Buzzfeed, as well as 100 legal sites to download books and literature of all kinds.

Never underestimate the power of YouTube and Vimeo, as well as many blogs – free tutorials can be found anywhere you look. You just have to look in the first place 🙂

The nice thing about these resources is that you can explore a lot of material to feel out what career options and educational pursuits fit you best before you commit to and invest in a university degree, so that you don’t waste a single moment or dollar there.