English localization (US/UK)
I can help you adapt your writing to a specific market through localization, which is where I adjust all spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, idioms and slang, cultural markers, etc. to the correct regional dialect or style.
English globalization
This is one form of plain language editing. For globalization, I streamline the writing to global (universal British) English and simplify complex cultural markers to ease future localization or translation of your work.


I charge by the project. I do complete two editing passes per round of localization or globalization edits. The second pass usually takes me about half of the time it takes to complete the first pass. I’ve created a calculator to help my clients estimate my localization or globalization project fees:

My Localization and Globalization Rate Calculator

Please note that the estimates provided by that calculator may not be accurate. The amount charged for editing any given project may vary from what is charged for another project due to differences in project scope, subject complexity, writing quality, deadline considerations, and other factors.

Please contact me directly for a customized estimate for your project and samples of my work.*


  • Smaller projects—any editing job involving fewer than 50,000 words, with the exception of short stories or flash fiction—will require a base fee of $65 USD.
  • Discounts may be available for nonprofit organizations, veterans and active military personnel; currently enrolled full-time students; and retirees (though some limits may apply).
  • You can reduce the costs of hiring a professional editor by being proactive. Creative writers can get feedback from beta readers, critique partners, or writing groups. Business writers can ask trusted peers and colleagues for input and suggestions. Self-edit as thoroughly as you can before asking for a quote.

*If your project is less than 50,000 words in length, I cannot provide a sample edit on your document. Instead, I can provide samples of past work on other projects similar to yours.

Please be sure to check out my Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about quotes, booking services, payments, and more. Pricing may vary from one project to the next based on a variety of factors. If I cannot help you for any reason, I will gladly refer you to another reputable professional that will better suit your project’s needs.