English localization (US/UK or UK/US)

I can help you adapt your writing to a specific market or culture through localization. Localization editing is where I adjust all spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, idioms and slang, cultural markers, etc., to the correct regional dialect or style.

Localization can prevent confusion and limit distractions for readers who do not use the same variant of English that you do.


English globalization

Globalization is where I streamline the writing to global (universal British) English and simplify complex cultural markers such as idioms, metaphors, pop culture and historical references, taboos and etiquette, etc. so that the copy can be easily understood in multiple cultural contexts.

Globalization is one kind of plain language editing. It is ideal for manuscripts that are going to be translated to and published in several languages.


I charge by the project, but my rates for localization and globalization editing typically fall within the range of $0.022 to $0.032 USD per word (between $22.00 and $32.00 USD per 1,000 words).

The amount charged for localizing or globalizing the English for any given project may vary from what is charged for another project due to differences in project scope, subject complexity, writing quality, deadline considerations, and other factors.

I do complete two editing passes per round of localization or globalization edits. The second pass usually takes me half the time it takes to complete the first pass. Please contact me directly for a customized estimate for your project and samples of my work.


  • Unfortunately, I no longer take on projects shorter than 50,000 words in length. I can refer you to other reputable editors who do edit shorter manuscripts, if you’d like.
  • If requested, I can provide free localization or globalization on up to 1,000 words of your manuscript as a sample of my work.
  • Discounts might be available upon request for nonprofit organizations; veterans and active military personnel; currently enrolled full-time students; and retirees. Some limits do apply.
  • You can reduce the costs of hiring a professional editor by being proactive. Get feedback from beta readers, critique partners, or writing groups. Self-edit as thoroughly as you can before asking for a quote. If you would like some recommendations on books or articles about how to write or edit, please ask. I have lots of resources for creative writers already posted here on my site.
  • Be sure to check out crowdfunding options through sites like Patreon, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, or Crowdfunder to help pay for professional editing, cover design, formatting, website design, etc. for your project. Crowdfunding can teach you how to market your work and help you gauge your audience’s interest in your project before you spend any money.

Please be sure to check out my Frequently Asked Questions page. Pricing may vary from one project to the next based on a variety of factors. If I cannot help you for any reason, I will gladly refer you to another reputable professional that will better suit your project’s needs.