I can use most live or recorded audiofrom interviews, classes or lectures, meetings, videos, and moreto create carefully written and formatted transcriptions. I am thorough, and while I can create verbatim transcriptions, I will edit the copy for length and clarity (removing instances of “um,” correcting ungrammatical sentences, etc.) unless a client requests otherwise.

I can transcribe audio for nearly any subject except content which may have special liability concerns such as legal or medical audio. I am particularly interested in transcribing audio where topics discussed include anything related to reading, writing, and literature; editing, language, and linguistics; anthropology, archaeology, and history; community advocacy and social justice; death and grieving across cultures; science and technology; humanities and the arts; and international politics.


I charge by the project. It takes me approximately 4 to 6 minutes to transcribe 1 minute of high-quality audio. That means it takes me approximately 1 hour to transcribe between 10 to 15 minutes of high-quality audio, and it takes me approximately 5 hours to transcribe around 1 hour of high-quality audio. I’ve created a calculator to help my clients estimate my transcription fees:

My Transcription Rate Calculator

Please note that the estimates provided by that calculator may not be accurate. The amount charged for editing any given project may vary from what is charged for another project due to differences in project length, dialect or subject complexity, audio quality, speaker pronunciation and enunciation, or other factors.

Please contact me directly for a customized estimate for your project and samples of my work.