olivia pictureOLIVIA FOLMAR ARD

I really appreciate your style of editing. You manage to be honest and point out issues in the work while managing to have me come out of the process feeling uplifted and empowered. I need that in my life. Your comments and suggestions have helped me to fall in love with this book again.

Olivia Ard is a fiction author known for writing ‘Tis the Season and Pretty Lies & Other Stories. She is currently working on a speculative fiction novel and revamping her Bennett series. A passionate reader and lifelong writer, Olivia currently lives in a small town in central Alabama, USA, with her husband, daughter, and cat.

alex paris 1ALEX PARIS

I love working with Sea Chapman. She is incredibly resourceful beyond measure. When I work with her, I know I have a partner in copy and in strategy. She’s intuitive and a go-getter.

Alex Paris is a spartan creative with a vision for storytelling and a passion for building brands. He has worked on contract with some of the largest national brands as a project manager, designer, business consultant, and more. Alex is currently working as the Design & Media Associate Marketing Manager at IELTS USA in California, USA.

17522881_1583990744974492_4169545346937731509_nLEE DIOGENEIA

As a former freelance editor of thirty years, I have some pretty stringent requirements for anyone touching my own work. Sea Chapman is the person I trust to meet those expectations. She sees beyond the words on the page to make excellent developmental suggestions, proposes changes that do not stifle the writer’s voice, and catches those annoying nits that can detract from a professional manuscript. I send my friends and former clients to her.

Lee Diogeneia is the pen name of a dark fantasy novelist and short stories author. Her day job is as a technical editor and knowledge management specialist at the NASA Glenn Research Center. Lee still coaches authors and editors through the many writing groups, forums, and contests she founded. She lives in northeastern Ohio, USA, with her husband and their son.


You are my ideal editor. I was anxious about the amount of bleeding my manuscript would be doing when I got it back, but I loved receiving your edits. You not only pointed out problem areas and explained exactly why something needs changing, but you boosted my confidence by pointing out the parts you really enjoyed. I feel I’ve received honest feedback, and I’m more excited about my story. Thank you for that!

Sophie Giroir is a horror, crime, and speculative fiction author. She has written numerous short stories, and she is currently working on two forthcoming novels, Emoria—Gods and Men and Parity. She is also a featured columnist on the Eat, Write, Sleep blog. She lives and writes in a small town in Louisiana, USA. When not writing, Sophie loves working at an independent bookstore and spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys movies, trivia, and strategy games.

amy scottAMY SCOTT

I have used Sea Chapman’s academic [editing] services in my graduate school research papers. Her thorough editing skills cover more than merely fixing errors. She has an ability to step back, see the ‘big picture’ and offer valuable insights for overall improvement. I highly recommend her services.

Amy Scott is an English literature instructor in central Arizona, USA. She thrives on creativity and art. Reading is one of her first loves, but Amy is also a talented chef and costumer. She finds daily joy in spending time with her family and by giving back to her community whenever possible.


Just wanted to say how much I appreciate all your suggestions on my chapters! I’ve finally gotten brave enough to make the cuts you suggested and I am making good headway. The pacing is a lot tighter, I feel. Your additions are brilliant and really help the plot make sense, so a big thank you!

Shaun Dovaston is a speculative fiction writer and poet. He hails from Shropshire and resides in London, England, where he regularly attends writing workshops and conferences. Shaun has a background in performing arts and enjoys dipping his toes in the worlds of acting, singing, and dancing. Shaun’s One Man (a flash fiction piece) was featured in the 2015 COBRA RES book benefiting Syrian refugees. Shaun is currently penning his debut science fiction novel.

jean-pierre-mastey-the-grooming-routine-1091055-TwoByOneJ.P. MASTEY

Whenever Sea Chapman was involved with our projects, things got done faster and better. Great work ethic and personality, she gets what we do, and always has a positive attitude.

J.P. Mastey helped revive and expand the classic Baxters of California brand by founding a matching high-end barbershop and retail space. He sold Baxters of California and Baxter Finley to L’Oreal in 2012. He currently works as a business consultant for James Perse Enterprises Inc.

angel leya 2ANGEL LEYA

I found working with you to be delightful! My favorite part of the editorial process was getting the edits back. I loved seeing my work as it got strengthened, and I loved reading your notes. Your comments and edits were helpful and encouraging. I would love to have you assist me on future works.

Angel Leya is fiction and creative nonfiction author. Her début book, Call Her Forth, is a clean romance/fantasy novel that she wrote during her first NaNoWriMo experience in 2010. She has also written a memoir, My Natural Birth Story, as well as the contemporary fantasy Skye’s Lure and the dark fantasy short story Raven. Her forthcoming speculative romance novel, Antarctic Discovery, is currently being courted by potential publishersShe lives in South Carolina, USA, with her husband and children.

Additional references available upon request.