NOTE: I am not accepting new projects or clients until June 2020. I can refer you to another talented editor in the meantime, if you’d like. Thank you for understanding.


I offer developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting services for fiction and nonfiction.

For fiction, I edit book-length (50,000 words or more) thriller, mystery, historical fiction, and speculative fiction (science fiction and fantasy) manuscripts. I do edit graphic novels, visual novel and narrative game scripts, and comics (web or print) sometimes, too. Manuscript critiques are available upon request.

For nonfiction, I edit essays and articles about anthropology, archaeology, and history; constructed languages (conlangs); death and grieving across cultures; international humanities and art history; and travel.

Talks & Workshops

I was one of the featured speakers at the Tallahassee Writers Conference and Book Festival in April 2017. I gave a talk about authorship as entrepreneurship. I spoke with the EFA Boston Chapter about how to edit fiction in November 2017. At the ACES: The Society for Editing conference in April 2018, I spoke on panel about finances for freelancers. At that same ACES conference in 2018, I gave an individual presentation about conlangs in fiction. I also spoke at the ACES: The Society for Editing 2019 conference about confronting death in the written word as an editor. I would love to give a talk or lead a workshop at your next event!