I offer a broad range of services to help my clients. Let me know what I can do to assist you in reaching your goals.


I offer developmental, line, and copyediting services for book-length fiction and nonfiction manuscripts.

For fiction editing, I specialize in editing thrillers, mysteries, historical fiction, and speculative fiction (including science fiction, fantasy, and all related crossover fiction and subgenres).

For nonfiction editing, I specialize in editing manuscripts written about topics related to anthropology, archaeology, and history; death and grieving across cultures; international humanities and art history; travel; and literature.

Localization & Globalization

I can help you adapt your writing to a specific market through localization, which is where I adjust all spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, idioms and slang, cultural markers, etc., to the correct regional dialect or style (US/UK or UK/US).

For globalization, I streamline the writing to global (universal British) English and simplify complex cultural markers such as idioms, metaphors, pop culture and historical references, taboos and etiquette, etc. It’s one kind of plain language editing. It’s particularly helpful to globalize the English of manuscripts that will be translated into several other languages.

Talks & Workshops

I would love to give a talk or lead a workshop at your next event. I have several presentations and classes available which cover topics like those listed below.

  • Writing fiction and creative nonfiction
  • Business writing
  • Self-editing for creative writers
  • Self-editing for business professionals
  • Self-editing for students
  • The history of global literature
  • Culture and activism in writing
  • Authorship as entrepreneurship
  • Business success for freelancers