I offer a broad range of services to help my clients. Let me know what I can do to assist you in reaching your goals.


I offer developmental, line, and copyediting services for book-length fiction and nonfiction manuscripts.

For fiction editing, I specialize in editing thriller, mystery, historical fiction, and speculative fiction (including all related crossover fiction and subgenres).

For nonfiction editing, I am particularly interested in anything related to anthropology, archaeology, and history; community advocacy and social justice; cooking and food; death and grieving across cultures; science and technology; travel; and international arts and humanities.

Localization & Globalization

I can help you adapt your writing to a specific market through localization, which is where I adjust all spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, idioms and slang, cultural markers, etc. to the correct regional dialect or style.

For globalization, I streamline the writing to global (universal British) English and simplify complex cultural markers to ease future localization or translation of your work.

Talks & Workshops

I would love to give a talk or lead a workshop at your next event. I have several presentations and classes available which cover topics like those listed below.

  • Writing fiction and creative nonfiction
  • Business writing
  • Self-editing for creative writers
  • Self-editing for business professionals
  • Self-editing for students
  • The history of global literature
  • Culture and activism in writing
  • Authorship as entrepreneurship
  • Business success for freelancers


I can use most live or recorded audiofrom interviews, classes or lectures, meetings, videos, and moreto create carefully written and formatted transcriptions. I am thorough, and while I can create verbatim transcriptions, I usually edit the copy for length and clarity (removing instances of “um,” correcting ungrammatical sentences, etc.) unless a client requests otherwise.