Developmental editing is macro-level editing where we work together to prepare your draft for copyediting or proofreading. Developmental editing includes some creative coaching; you’ll learn to identify and correct weak points in your writing as we polish up and add depth to your work.

Content or substantive editing are each a type of developmental edit usually involving scene- or paragraph-level editing focused on narrative quality and content organization.

For fiction, developmental editing includes editing for characterization, plot, dialogue, POV, pacing, verb tense, structure, and so on. We want your story to be believable and immersive.

For nonfiction, developmental editing includes editing for redundancy, uneven pacing, organizational problems, weak voice, factual errors, citation errors, and so on. We want to make your text an enjoyable and appropriate narrative for your ideal readership.

You will receive a list of recommended books, articles, podcasts, and other helpful, relevant media as a part of this service.

For fiction, I edit book-length (50,000 words or more) thriller, mystery, historical fiction, and speculative fiction (science fiction and fantasy) manuscripts. I do edit graphic novels, visual novel and narrative game scripts, and comics (web or print) sometimes, too.

For nonfiction, I edit essays and articles about anthropology, archaeology, and history; constructed languages (conlangs); death and grieving across cultures; international humanities and art history; and travel.

I charge by the project, but my rates typically fall within the range of $0.015 to $0.021 USD per word. The amount charged for editing any given project may vary from what is charged for another project due to differences in project scope, subject complexity, writing quality, deadline considerations, and other factors.

I do complete two editing passes per round of edits. The second pass usually takes me half the time it takes to complete the first pass. Please contact me directly for a customized estimate for your project or samples of my work.

Please be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions page as well as the Terms and Conditions page for additional information. If I cannot help you for any reason, I will gladly refer you to another reputable professional that will better suit your project’s needs.